Domestic Step Ladder 6ft

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Are you looking for high-quality ladders for your home? Well, look no further than ALUMEX Domestic Step
Ladders, which are ideal for low and medium height jobs. These steps are able to hold up to 125 Kg and the ladder weighs only 4.75 Kg.
Every Step ladder has a Rubber bush to provide maximum traction

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Step up to safety

Alumex Domestic Step Ladder is great for both residents and DIY’ers. They could be widely used for household purposes providing you with easier and safer access to your ceiling, attic or roof and fire protection as uphill tools and so on. Every ladder built by Alumex is manufactured to be with alloy 6005 and light weight, so they’re easy to use and long lasting making your tasks much simpler and safer.
Ladder leg
Ladder head

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    Additional information

    Weight 4.75 kg
    Dimensions 10 × 50 × 183 cm


    • Made of superior quality aluminum Alloy 6005
    • Light weight Step ladder, “A”-shape
    • Extra wide steps
    • Back legs are strengthened and increased stability due to Aluminium “Z” designed supporters.
    • Slip-resistant steps make higher friction to avoid slipping.
    • Big anti-slip feet – Provide safe footing on hard and soft surfaces.
    • Big anti-slip feet – No damage to the floor and comfortable to use.
    • 125kg workload capacity.